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Just like what the title said, hello world! This is going to be the first post in this new blog of mine. Wasn’t planning to put up any media file at first and changed my mind immediately afterwards. Just thought I’ll share this video with you guys.

Been playing the stuff on loop recently. Everything about the video embodies the stuff that I like (well almost everything, not really a big fan of Aziz Ansari). The simple yet chic Balmain white shirt and t-shirt worn by Kanye and Jay-Z are the perfect man-gear! In addition, Riccardo Tisci -yes, the one from the House of Givenchy- designed the US flag in the video which is also the cover art for the single.  Mind you he also came up with the artwork for Watch the Throne (where some of the stuff remind me of Givenchy’s Rottweiler collection) as well as H.A.M.

All in all, excellence on so many levels!