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Came across this relatively old song called Chanson Triste, sang by Carla Bruni. I like her stripped-down sound in this song which is similar in style to Tout le Monde.

At the risk of being waaaay too sentimental (heck I may even revisit this post in the future and decide to edit or even delete it altogether if I found it a bit too much), this sad song -no pun intended- does make me ponder about the what-ifs in life, be it about relationships or your childhood crush or even as simple as getting that piece of accessories which you’ve always dreamt having. I think when a person is experiencing a major change in his/her life, he/she tends to think about what he/she should have done in the past or what the future would look like if things are being done differently. The thing is that some people perceive those feelings as regrets, but for whatever reason when I listen to this song the word regret is not the first thing that comes to my mind. I always believe it’s natural for people to think about the what-ifs in life since curiosity is one of our common traits no? Don’t you guys agree?